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Constructivist theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Constructivist theories - Essay ExampleHis main focus has been on the cognitive organization of the knowledge which includes the effect of physical or mental perceptions on individual’s actions. Piagetian theory discusses both the behavioral and cognitive factors that are involved in the child’s development. It states that “reality is constructed by each individual� (Mohrhoff, 2008, p.17). Ernst von Glasersfeld gave an extension to the constructivism of Jean Piaget and developed the radical constructivism (RC). It focuses on that perception comes through a cognitive self-referential process and is stored in some particular sensory areas in the brain. These perceptions link the experiences with the outside world. The thinking process activates by the experiences that a person goes through, resulting in the formation of knowledge. Thus, events are perceived according to the individual’s interpretation of those events. Hence, RC basically emphasizes upon the fact that “knowledge is constructed from experiences� (Yolles, 2006, p.82-83) rather than by way of senses.

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